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With Kwik Lok you can not only close your bagged packages but also label your bags, and print coded traceability information on the closure. We offer these capabilities on all automatic, semiautomatic, and even hand-applied lines.

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Close your bag

Kwik Lok’s business is to support the delivery of fresh food safely, extend its life and reduce waste for the benefit of people and families everywhere in the world. This results in one of life’s little conveniences, the ability to easily reclose a package.

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Label your bags

Labels can be custom printed to your exact graphic specifications. Labels can be used to carry important package information. You can also use the attractive labels for promotional campaigns that can increase sales and add additional profits.

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Print code & traceability information

Closures and Labels can be used to carry important package information such as: variety, grade, weight, size and bar codes

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Kwik Lok Bag Closure options for your business

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