Shaping the industry

Found on one great idea, we are dedicated to creating the best bag closing and printing solutions for the baking and produce industries, among others, around the world. While implementing responsible manufacturing practices, we provide the highest-quality equipment and closures, top-level service and constant innovation.

engineering eco lok

At Kwik Lok, we believe in doing good while doing well. We continuously look for materials that will perform to our standard but have less impact on the environment.

engineering innovation

Kwik Lok is investing in technology and talent to bring the next level of automation innovation to the real world. We develop solutions to help our customers accelerate automation initiatives and increase productivity.

engineeering service

We care about our product life cycle. Kwik Lok machine are known for reliability and ease of use. Kwik Lok offers unparalleled support to keep your closing line running.

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Innovation is in our genes

Engineering machine sketch
Kwik lok engineer assembles a kwik lok machine

There is No Finish Line

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Strategic alliances

We work with others across industries to find unique solutions that meet your closure needs.

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