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Fibre-Lok by Kwik Lok
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What makes Kwik Lok closures so special?

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Lower initial cost

Kwik Lok closure systems provide customers and consumers with a practical, time-saving and low-cost way to keep food fresh.

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Lower maintenance & operating cost

Our machines are proven reliable and efficient with service technicians ready to help

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The Kwik Lok bag closure is designed to be reused. Consumers find the closure simple to use and opening your package is easy

Kwik Lok closures are printable

The bag closure offers an ideal surface to print prices, dates, codes, symbols and traceability information.

Kwik Lok closures provide safety
Metal detector compatible

The Kwik Lok bag closure permits the use of metal detectors on your packaging line ensuring the safety of your product with a metal-free guarantee

Kwik Lok Labels
Marketing & labels

Stand out from competitors, and drive sales using labels for promotional purposes such as coupons, cross-advertising, and branding.

potatoes with high quality graphic bag closure label

Great for high-quality graphics!

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Bag closures are all around you

Kwik Lok protects product freshness and offers an easy way to reuse the bag without spillage. A package that is easy to reclose – is more likely to be reclosed. A closed bag protects the aroma, texture and taste and therefore will enhance your product’s image. A reclosable package gives the consumer a way to keep product from spilling when stored between uses. We manufacture bag closures in a wide variety of sizes, and thicknesses, which permit closing bags of a few ounces up to 50 pounds, or more.

Kwik Lok bread clips

Closures are available in seven colors that permit color coding pull dates

kwik lok bread clips

They can be applied with automatic or semi-automatic bag closing machines or hand applied

Labels for Kwik Lok Bag Closures

Closures are available for film bags, mesh bags, and some paper bags

bread clips with print

Closures can be printed on with alpha numeric text and/or line drawings on the packaging line

Types of closures

We offer a wide variety of closures to fit your packaging demands. Our staff will work closely with you to provide the best solution for your product and your customer. Here are our most commonly ordered options:

J-NRP Kwik Lok bag closure.
V-NRP bag closure
KM-NRP bag closure
VW-NRP Kwik Lok bag closure
RJ bag closure
RL bag closure
R closure
W bag closure