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We started out small and have grown into a multinational company producing billions of the small bag closures every year. We make bag closures for fully automated packaging lines as well as semiautomatic and hand applied closures.

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The benefit of the Kwik Lok closure is that it is quick and easy to apply. This feature yields dividends to the packager and the consumers. The packager benefits because the machinery required to apply the closure is mechanically simple – this means lower original costs, longer operating life, few package mistakes and lower maintenance costs. The benefit to consumers is a closure that is easy to remove and just as easy to reuse. Consumers want reusable food packages that keep their food fresh.

Since promoting with our Kwik Lok closure and label system, our carrot profits have increased by 10% and new markets have opened to us. Kwik Lok helps us add value.

Louis Bouyer
Co-Owner, Bouyer SCEA-Oceane

Wonderbrands is making important changes to support a healthier planet. Fibre-Lok has been designed to stay intact after multiple uses, as we are committed to keeping our bakery products fresh for the consumer. All while reducing our use of plastic and sending less waste to the landfill.

Angela McInenly
Director of Marketing, Wonderbrands

We tried others but have made the decision to use 100% Kwik Lok bag closers because we know we can count on them day in and day out for constant, steady, bag closing.

Jay Allison
Maintenance Manager, Troyer Brothers Farms

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