Kwik Lok is leading the way in sustainable innovation

Kwik Lok is fully committed to continuing to innovate and invest in materials science. This enables us to offer products that utilize Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material or other materials that are recycled and recyclable. Kwik Lok's priority is helping our customers make advances in sustainability and minimizing our collective impact on the environment. For some, that means identifying opportunity to cut carbon emissions. For others, minimizing plastics is the priority. Most are trying to find a balance between the two. Kwik Lok has closing solutions that meet these challenges and continues to innovate better solutions.

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Fibre-Lok - 0% Plastic!

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Food packaging for a sustainable future

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Less is more with Kwik Link

Looking for a way to minimize packaging while providing for branding and traceability? Think Kwik Link! The Kwik Link is a semi-automatic machine that binds bunches together then adds a closure and label. This results in less packaging for a smaller carbon footprint.

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High quality labels

Attractive labels for promotional campaigns can increase sales and add additional profits.

Kwik Link on asparagus
Easy to use machine

Simply swipe your product through the machine and our closure will secure it.

Kwik Link on cilantro
Eco-friendly packaging

Minimal packaging results in minimal waste and a reduction of carbon footprint.

Kwik Link on leeks

Labels can be used to carry important package information such as: variety, grade, weight, size and bar codes.

Demonstrating our commitment by participating in four different plastics pacts.

We’re are a part of the following plastics pacts to ignite change and accelerate progress across the entire plastics value chain. All of the pacts support the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Global Plastics Pact Network with hopes of bringing a unifying voice to plastic packaging guidelines, policy, education, labeling, access, and infrastructure. Read below to learn more:

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