Introducing... Enviro-Lok!

Less is More With Enviro-Lok

A brand-new polypropylene bag closure that is made to keep products safe and fresh, while also delivering a better potential for recycling. Of course, you still get the same strength and reliability that goes hand in hand with the Kwik Lok name. It has the added benefits of 34% less plastic than the standard Kwik Lok closure, 67% less water and 44% less carbon emissions emitted, and it runs on your current Kwik Lok machines. Better for the planet and for your business.

Enviro-Lok is made with 34% less plastic than your standard Kwik Lok closure
Enviro-Lok uses about 67% less water compared to standard Kwik Lok closure
There's 44% less carbon emissions going out in the world

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Pair the Enviro-Lok with our Ultrasonic Labels!

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