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We are more than just bag closures

Kwik Lok employee

Our journey

Kwik Lok was founded by Floyd Paxton. He was an engineer who saw that packaging technologies, post-World War II, were changing. At that time, his company was supplying wooden, produce-box nailing and labeling machines to the Washington State apple industry.

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When apple distributors moved from boxes to bagging, they didn’t like the wire and tape closures in use at the time and asked Floyd for help. That was when he invented the Kwik Lok closure.

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In 1954, he formed Kwik Lok Corporation. In that first year, its unique closure system quickly became the preferred method for keeping bags of Washington State apples safe and fresh.

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Today we have six factories, we employ over 330 people and our product has been used by billions of people throughout the world. In 2015, a new generation of the Paxton family stepped into our 64-year-old business. We are now owned by sisters Stephanie Paxton Jackson, Kimberly Paxton-Hagner and Melissa Steiner.

A fresh start

We are very excited about what comes next.

The sisters, along with our board and management team, recognize that global food safety and sustainability go hand-in-hand with our family-forward approach to caring for our employees and customers. The company is using this transition as an opportunity to make a fresh start that builds on our history of commitment to doing right by our customers, employees, families and communities.

Our core values

Core Values 1
Unlocking opportunities

Kwik Lok prioritizes investments that unlock opportunities for our employees, our communities and vulnerable people around the world. We understand that educational opportunities and economic success will help our families and communities thrive.

Core Values 2
Fostering innovation

Kwik Lok started with an act of creativity that launched it on a journey of closure product and closure systems improvement.

Core Values 3
Protecting people

Kwik Lok’s business is to support the delivery of fresh food safely, extend its life and reduce waste for the benefit of people and families everywhere.

Core Values 4
Combating climate change

We will continue to innovate our product to lessen its impact on the environment. We intend to push the limits of our industry and come up with new ways to solve big problems.

Core Values 5
Improving well-being

Keeping workers safe is mission critical. In addition, Kwik Lok Corporation families have access to health insurance that is affordable and comprehensive. 100% of our employees who work over 30 hours a week are eligible.

Core Values 6
Responsible manufacturing practices

We are working on improving the earth-friendly features of the Kwik Lok closure and will continue to focus on this effort.

What are we up to now?

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Meet the owners

Stephanie Jackson
Kimberly Paxton-Hagner
Melissa Steiner

Our board members

Stephen Westby
John Rothenbueler
Kimberly Paxton-Hagner
Melissa Steiner
Stephanie Jackson
Alan Cottle
Paul Barbeau